Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Multicultural Affairs

Multicultural Affairs 

Multicultural Affairs' focus is to cultivate a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive community that continues beyond the classroom space. Multicultural Affairs values the rich diversity of the community, and believes that meaningful dialogue with others will enrich the student learning experience, encourage their development as artists, and realize their role as creatives in a global context.  

Primarily, Multicultural Affairs works collaboratively with students and other departments to implement programs that fosters a more inclusive community and explores diverse perspectives, identities, and experiences. 

We also nurture a climate of inclusion through community-wide social justice allyship education, promoting student involvement in affinity- and identity-based groups, facilitating multicultural dialogues with all identity-based groups, and supporting students on issues related to representation, equity, and empowerment around underrepresented identities.

Contact us:

  • If you have ideas, questions, or would like to discuss programs that provide education and learning about diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • If you have an idea about an initiative that will address diversity, inclusivity, and equity at SAIC within our spaces and our community
  • If you have an idea about an event that addresses inclusivity, and community-building and learning
  • If you’d like to learn about ways to get involved with identity-based groups on- or off-campus
  • If you’d like to connect with other students who have similar or shared experiences
  • If you’re looking for the spaces where you find belonging


For more information, visit the Multicultural Affairs Web site.