Law and Hiring

This subcommittee will work to more fully understand the search and hiring rules imposed by nondiscrimination laws while at the same time helping the institution think creatively about how to diversify staff and faculty and retain new and existing BIPOC employees. This group will collaborate closely with the office of legal counsel and the office of the dean. Outcomes would include increased diverse recruitment and employee demographics.

Action Items

  • Hiring practices – Research with internal legal counsel the restrictions around hiring and nondiscrimination laws. Brainstorm creative, lawful protocols for diverse hiring procedures and personnel to support those procedures.
  • Staff retention – In addition to hiring protocols, this committee should also investigate if there are staff-specific retention strategies to implement or augment, as student and faculty recruitment is being undertaken by other subcommittees.
  • DEI Training – Audit existing DEI training for faculty and staff and propose changes and augmentations to the program, as needed.


  • Jefferson Pinder, director of diversity, equity, and inclusion for academic affairs
  • Timeka Young, manager of employee relations and training

ARC Members

  • James Connolly, assistant professor, adjunct, film, video, new media, and animation
  • Molly Scranton, associate director of faculty affairs
  • Roberto Sifuentes, professor, performance

Other Community Members

  • Shelly Booker, director of talent acquisition
  • Leslie Darling, executive vice president, general counsel, and corporate secretary
  • Isabel Garcia-Gonzales, associate director, faculty employment services
  • Allison Green, chief of staff
  • Sarah Hicks, executive director of facilities services
  • Matt Morris, assistant professor, adjunct, painting and drawing
  • Lisa Schaffer, executive director for student administrative services and institutional research
  • Amy Vogel, associate professor, contemporary practices

Meeting Minutes