Chinese Language Development in History

Global Encounters Lunch Series
Wednesday, September 12, 12:00 p.m.

Sullivan Galleries Conference Room

33 South State Street, 7th floor

United States

Lunch provided

China is a unitary multi-national country where, through the long process of historical development, people from many different ethnic groups come together to create an outstanding and rich culture and helped shape the current form of the Chinese nation. Marie will narrate the important events and historical figures in Chinese language in history and highlight driving factors for the Chinese language improvement from the political, social and geological structures. Draw with Marie a one-page hierarchy schema about the Chinese language development in history.

Speaker Bio: Marie Meiying Jiang is an adjunct assistant professor in Mandarin Language at SAIC and a practicing painter. She formalized a Mandarin teaching syllabus to a professional standard in 2014 at SAIC. She holds three masters degrees: computer science, physics, and optical engineering. She also worked as a vice president and team leader at financial and trading companies. Her current interests are classical Chinese and Japanese poems and articles, early age language notations, as well as contemporary American artists.