Communication and Outreach

This subcommittee will work to establish internal communications about the work of the committee to the general student population as well as ensure shared governance bodies (e.g., faculty senate, student government, etc.) understand their vital role in furthering the committee’s goals. This subcommittee will work closely with the Office of Marketing and Communications. Outcomes will include regular communications to the campus and participation from major shared governance bodies.

Action Items

  • ARC Communications Strategy – Consider what communications will help support the work of the committee and bolster its aims toward transparency; establish cadence of internal messages re: ARC to general community and ensures shared governance awareness/involvement in ARC activity.
  • Land-Acknowledgement Strategy – While a strategy has been announced that will not permit renaming the 280 building, there is still strong interest throughout the School community, including the administration, to develop a venue for an indigenous land acknowledgment. This could include naming the land in front of 280 (grounds and amphitheater); plaque(s) or similar demarcation in owned campus buildings; etc.; also could include a curricular component (foundry course to make plaque/demarcation). The subcommittee could support the eventual event, but further format for further discussion will require dialogue with invested groups, e.g., Native American Student Association.
  • Messaging Sensitivity – Revisit existing messaging guidance and review for best DEI and anti-racism practices.
  • section update – Continue to formalize information on the website.


  • Scott Hendrickson, vice president of marketing and communications
  • Katrina Valera, director of student affairs for diversity and inclusion

ARC Members

  • Michael Blackman, assistant dean of student affairs for student support and conflict resolution
  • Jake Linn, undergraduate student, Student Advocacy Alliance for Health and Disability (SAAHD)

Other Community Members

  • Allie n Steve Mullen, associate professor, adjunct, art and technology
  • Sarah Ross, assistant professor, art education
  • Maura Frana, assistant professor, visual communication design
  • Josh Rios, assistant professor, adjunct, contemporary practices

Meeting Minutes