Climate and Accountability

This subcommittee will work to minimize marginalizing, racist, and exclusionary experiences of community members through a thorough evaluation of support structures that address hardships unaddressed by existing grievance procedures. Care will be taken in an effort not to further burden those most affected, and clear, transparent support systems will be the goal of this group’s proposals. Outcomes could include improved retention of students, faculty, and staff; increased staff engagement; proposal for a professional ombudsperson; audit of DEI staffing; and a space dedicated to BIPOC community members.

Action Items

  • BIPOC Space – Work with facilities staff to identify physical BIPOC space, needs, and the timeline for opening space (using period of de-densified campus proactively in anticipation of an eventual full-scale return to campus). Identify other material and personnel support needs for space.
  • Ombudsperson – Research ombudsperson position at other schools and determine if full-time ombudsperson is recommended. Draft job description and review with appropriate personnel.
  • Grievance Strategy Alignment – An audit of existing student and employee grievance procedures to ensure equity.
  • DEI Staffing – Review existing DEI staffing and advise on a more robust model, perhaps to include a chief diversity officer, as needed.


  • Dio Aldrige, special assistant to the dean and provost on diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Dawn Gavin, dean of undergraduate studies

ARC Members

  • Robyn Besana, disability specialist
  • Craig Downs, executive director of media and instructional resources
  • Maria Gaspar, associate professor, contemporary practices
  • Jenny Lee, assistant professor, art history, theory, and criticism
  • Molly Scranton, associate director of faculty affairs
  • Carly Trujillo, undergraduate student, resident advisor, Native American Student Association (NASA)
  • Anna Martine Whitehead, assistant professor, adjunct, contemporary practices

Other Community Members

  • Salvador Jiménez-Flores, assistant professor, ceramics
  • Rebecca Keller, professor, adjunct, art education
  • Don Pollack, associate professor, adjunct, visual communication design
  • Patrick Spence, associate dean of student affairs for campus life

Meeting Minutes