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Appetite for Disruption

A history of the Art and Technology Studies department told by some of the people who were there

Data is the Medium

A new art and science course bring together two schools to develop collaborative visualizations of big data.

The Eyes Have It

An SAIC alum appropriates visual technology to investigate geography, body, and the human story.

Art, Meat, Science

With a successful food website, an SAIC alum teaches the art of great grilling.

Looking Behind to Move Forward

SAIC alum and Iraqi refugee Wafaa Bilal (MFA 2003) confronts the conflict back home by eliciting participation and challenging perception.

MB Labs

A group of SAIC makers and hackers builds a space to tinker with technology.

News from Nowhere: Chicago Laboratory

An interdisciplinary group of international artists, designers, and collaborators presented new possibilities by bringing the end of the world to Chicago.

Romantic Rebellions

SAIC Professor Claudia Hart wages war on the separation between technology and femininity.

Nothing New?

Over the past three decades, SAIC professor and alum Eduardo Kac (MFA 1990) has redefined the avant-garde.

Lights. Camera. Interaction.

The alumni duo, Luftwerk, is known for their dazzling installation of light and sound.

Open Data, Open City

SAIC artists and designers are forging community technology with the Array of Things project.