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Capturing SAIC’s Photography Department

Decade after decade, SAIC's Photography department has grown, always evolving with changing technologies and encouraging students to pursue their own aesthetics and interests.

Conversations over a Rerouted Lunch

A "rerouted" meal brings together students, faculty, and artists to discuss food systems, lakefront shoals, shipwrecks, and shared human experience

For the Record

SAIC Historic Preservation students document the Junior League of Chicago building for the Library of Congress.

A History of Generosity

Since the first SAIC scholarship was established in 1891, students have benefited greatly from the financial support that enables them to further their artistic goals.

SAIC’s Columbus Drive Building

Completed in 1976, the Columbus Drive Building was SAIC’s first building independent of the museum.

Data is the Medium

A new art and science course bring together two schools to develop collaborative visualizations of big data.

Resurrecting the Dead

For her Art History thesis, an SAIC graduate student restages an obscure, yet pivotal moment in Japan’s cultural history.

Enabling Artists

SAIC student’s arts administration practice provides resources and collaborators to help artists realize their work.

College Prep

SAIC’s College Arts Access Program prepares Chicago Public School students for a successful future in art, design, and beyond.

SAIC Underground

Back in the days when all SAIC classrooms were underground in the basement of the Art Institute of Chicago museum, there was one single gathering space for SAIC students, faculty, and visitors: the subterranean cafeteria.

Authoring Stories

SAIC students and faculty teamed up with Scenarios USA to help Chicago high school students address the issues in their lives.

Interdisciplinarity at SAIC

SAIC’s innovative interdisciplinary curriculum is integral to the school’s mission and philosophy.

Supporting Student Voices

Since 1994, SAIC’s Student Union Galleries (SUGs) has helped hundreds of students find a forum for their voices and an outlet for their innovative, challenging work.

The Campus Center

The LeRoy Neiman Center opened in 2012 as the hub of SAIC's campus community.

Healing Through Art

Richard Casper (BFA 2012), Iraq War veteran and alum, introduces fellow veterans to the healing potential of the arts.

SAIC and the Armory Show

In 1913 SAIC students greeted modernism and Matisse with disdain and a mock trial.