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Capturing SAIC’s Photography Department

Decade after decade, SAIC's Photography department has grown, always evolving with changing technologies and encouraging students to pursue their own aesthetics and interests.

Dark Rooms and Pool Halls

An SAIC alum's photographic series resurfaces after more than four decades.

Remembering Barbara

A new scholarship and recent exhibition pay tribute to a much-loved SAIC professor and artist who influenced everyone who met her.

Ale-ma Mater

The founder of Half Acre Beer Company (and SAIC alum) brewed up a seasonal ale to celebrate SAIC’s 150th Anniversary.

Fashion Meets Philanthropy

Eva Danielle Wittels (BFA 2004) runs a successful fashion line and advocates for rescue animals through her campaign, Fashion Tails.

Worth a Thousand Words

A chance discovery leads to street photographer Vivian Maier’s posthumous rise to fame and an SAIC scholarship.

Status Symbols

Luis Gispert appropriates designer logos and hip-hop iconography to address class, consumerism, and subculture