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painting and drawing

From Bold Suffragette to Betty Crocker

An SAIC alum and women’s rights activist created the first face of the iconic fictional homemaker.

The Dean of African American Artists

William Edouard Scott (SAIC 1904–07) redefined the ways African Americans were portrayed in art.

South Carolina Storyteller

Jonathan Green (BFA 1982) vividly depicts the culture and landscape of the Low Country through his narrative paintings.

The Human Figure

SAIC alum and teacher John Vanderpoel significantly influenced O’Keeffe and the field of figure drawing.

Jeff Koons Returns to SAIC

The 150th Anniversary Distinguished Alumni Lecturer talks about his career, exalts the Chicago Imagists, and sings some Led Zeppelin.

Imagist Painter, Intuitive Collector

An acclaimed Chicago Imagist, Roger Brown (BFA 1968, MFA 1970) collected flea market objects and created paintings that served as social and cultural commentaries of the day.

The Hull House Artist

In 1892 SAIC alum and faculty member Enella Benedict founded the Art School at the Hull House.

Jeff Koons: 150th Anniversary Distinguished Alumni Lecturer

Internationally acclaimed sculptor, painter, and alum Jeff Koons (SAIC 1975–76, HON 2008) will discuss his work on the occasion of SAIC’s 150th Anniversary.

Mr. Chicago

One of the Chicago Imagists, Ed Paschke (BFA 1961, MFA 1970, HON 1990) was once described as "a formalist in wolf's clothing."

The Jazz Age Modernist

Archibald Motley, Jr. (1914–18, HON 1980) used his art to portray the vibrancy and vitality of African American culture.

The New Wild One

Elizabeth Murray (BFA 1962, HON 1992) "reshaped Modernist abstraction."

The Post-Black Artist

Rashid Johnson (SAIC 2003–04) draws upon materials and visual sources to explore how cultural experiences shape African Americans.

Artistic Advice

SAIC alum Joe Zucker (DIP 1964, MFA 1966, HON 2013) offers advice to young artists, emphasizing the importance of an arts education that spans varying fields and genres.

SAIC at the 2014 Whitney Biennial

A record number of SAIC alumni and faculty members took part in the 2014 Whitney Biennial.

Influencer of Imagists

Ray Yoshida (BFA 1953) was an alum, educator, and key influence on the Chicago Imagists.

The Master of Macabre

Edward Gorey was one of the most remarkable illustrators of the 20th century.

Picture of Ivan Albright

Ivan Albright (SAIC 1919–23, HON 1977) combined extreme detail and garish color contrasts to develop a magic realism.

The Regionalist

In the early 20th century, Grant Wood (SAIC 1913–16) was the visual spokesman for rural America.

The Mother of American Modernism

Georgia O'Keeffe (SAIC 1905–06, HON 1967) pioneered modern art with her large-scale paintings of natural forms and flowers.

The Man Behind the Monopoly Man

SAIC alum “F.O.” Alexander illustrated the board game and its well-known characters.