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did you know?

From Bold Suffragette to Betty Crocker

An SAIC alum and women’s rights activist created the first face of the iconic fictional homemaker.

Tarzan Illustrator

SAIC alum Burne Hogarth drew the King of the Jungle for more than a decade.

SAIC’s First African American Student

SAIC alum Charlotte “Lottie” Wilson was the earliest known African American painter to have a work exhibited in the White House’s collection.

SAIC's Second President

Leonard W. Volk helped rebuild the school after the Great Chicago Fire.

Nickel Backer

In 1912 SAIC alum James Earle Fraser was commissioned to redesign the nickel.

The Hull House Artist

In 1892 SAIC alum and faculty member Enella Benedict founded the Art School at the Hull House.

The Man Behind the Monopoly Man

SAIC alum “F.O.” Alexander illustrated the board game and its well-known characters.

Snap! Crackle! and Pop!

SAIC alum Vernon Grant created the iconic characters from Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal.

The Founder of Father’s Day

In 1910 SAIC alum Sonora Smart Dodd proposed a day to celebrate fatherhood and the rest is history.