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Mineral Point: Becoming Part of a History

This past fall, a group of SAIC students and faculty spent a weekend in Mineral Point to meet local artists, research the town's history, and engage with the community.

On Board

As a new member of SAIC’s Board of Governors, Sanford Biggers (MFA 1999) brings a unique artistic and alumni perspective to the School.


An SAIC alum followed her fashion dreams and now designs clothes for Hollywood.

Capturing SAIC’s Photography Department

Decade after decade, SAIC's Photography department has grown, always evolving with changing technologies and encouraging students to pursue their own aesthetics and interests.

Dark Rooms and Pool Halls

An SAIC alum's photographic series resurfaces after more than four decades.

From Bold Suffragette to Betty Crocker

An SAIC alum and women’s rights activist created the first face of the iconic fictional homemaker.

The Dean of African American Artists

William Edouard Scott (SAIC 1904–07) redefined the ways African Americans were portrayed in art.

South Carolina Storyteller

Jonathan Green (BFA 1982) vividly depicts the culture and landscape of the Low Country through his narrative paintings.

The Human Figure

SAIC alum and teacher John Vanderpoel significantly influenced O’Keeffe and the field of figure drawing.

Jeff Koons Returns to SAIC

The 150th Anniversary Distinguished Alumni Lecturer talks about his career, exalts the Chicago Imagists, and sings some Led Zeppelin.

Serving Time

SAIC and Jane Addams Hull-House Museum host a dinner and discussion about prison reform centered around the artist group Lucky Pierre's ongoing Final Meals project

Conversations over a Rerouted Lunch

A "rerouted" meal brings together students, faculty, and artists to discuss food systems, lakefront shoals, shipwrecks, and shared human experience

Shaping Spaces

Orly Genger (Post-Bac 2002) forms public dialogues from sculptural installations.

A History of Generosity

Since the first SAIC scholarship was established in 1891, students have benefited greatly from the financial support that enables them to further their artistic goals.

Appetite for Disruption

A history of the Art and Technology Studies department told by some of the people who were there

Ale-ma Mater

The founder of Half Acre Beer Company (and SAIC alum) brewed up a seasonal ale to celebrate SAIC’s 150th Anniversary.

Boundary-Pushing Performance Artist

The work of Cuban performance artist Tania Brugera (MFA 2001) is rooted in political struggle.

Interdisciplinary Visionary

Sanford Biggers (MFA 1999) crosses media to mine the history and symbols of global cultures.

The Cannes Winner

Apichatpong Weerasethakul (MFA 1998, HON 2011) is leading a new generation of Thai filmmakers.

Back in Style

In the early 1990s, Gemma Kahng (MFA 1980) dressed celebrities like Madonna and Sharon Stone.

Imagist Painter, Intuitive Collector

An acclaimed Chicago Imagist, Roger Brown (BFA 1968, MFA 1970) collected flea market objects and created paintings that served as social and cultural commentaries of the day.

Tarzan Illustrator

SAIC alum Burne Hogarth drew the King of the Jungle for more than a decade.

21st-Century Griot

An SAIC alum unfolds a multimedia narrative of African American history.

Fashion Meets Philanthropy

Eva Danielle Wittels (BFA 2004) runs a successful fashion line and advocates for rescue animals through her campaign, Fashion Tails.

Resurrecting the Dead

For her Art History thesis, an SAIC graduate student restages an obscure, yet pivotal moment in Japan’s cultural history.

The Eyes Have It

An SAIC alum appropriates visual technology to investigate geography, body, and the human story.

Body Talk

An SAIC alum tells the story of disability through wearable art.

Passion for Preservation

Two SAIC alums work to preserve Chicago’s historic Glessner House.

Art in Andersonville

Two recent alums exceeded their funding goal to open a community art center in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood.

Sound Gardener

For the past three decades, Ian Schneller (MFA 1986) has been carving out a career in sound.

Status Symbols

Luis Gispert appropriates designer logos and hip-hop iconography to address class, consumerism, and subculture

Future Worlds

Equal parts art and anthropology, an SAIC alum’s mixed media installations investigate contemporary culture through future utopias

Intersecting Identities

Alum’s practice explores her experience as a Cambodian refugee in America and a Muslim woman in her Buddhist homeland.

Art, Meat, Science

With a successful food website, an SAIC alum teaches the art of great grilling.

Looking Behind to Move Forward

SAIC alum and Iraqi refugee Wafaa Bilal (MFA 2003) confronts the conflict back home by eliciting participation and challenging perception.

Painting Portraits

Mohamed and Nanette Drisi met while earning their degrees at SAIC. They married soon after and remember their days in SAIC’s Department of Painting and Drawing.

Nickel Backer

In 1912 SAIC alum James Earle Fraser was commissioned to redesign the nickel.

The Hull House Artist

In 1892 SAIC alum and faculty member Enella Benedict founded the Art School at the Hull House.

A Machine for Producing Monsters

After World War II, the Monster Roster— a group of predominantly SAIC artists led by Leon Golub—established a deeply existential and fiercely independent Chicago style that had a lasting impact on American art.

Sarah Vowell (MA 1999): Distinguished Alumni Lecture Series

SAIC alum Sarah Vowell (MA 1999) is a New York Times–bestselling author of six nonfiction books on American history and culture.

Jeff Koons: 150th Anniversary Distinguished Alumni Lecturer

Internationally acclaimed sculptor, painter, and alum Jeff Koons (SAIC 1975–76, HON 2008) will discuss his work on the occasion of SAIC’s 150th Anniversary.

MB Labs

A group of SAIC makers and hackers builds a space to tinker with technology.

Mr. Chicago

One of the Chicago Imagists, Ed Paschke (BFA 1961, MFA 1970, HON 1990) was once described as "a formalist in wolf's clothing."

The Jazz Age Modernist

Archibald Motley, Jr. (1914–18, HON 1980) used his art to portray the vibrancy and vitality of African American culture.

Chicago’s Sculptor

Richard Hunt (BA 1957, HON 1979) is Chicago's most prolific and accomplished sculptor.

The New Wild One

Elizabeth Murray (BFA 1962, HON 1992) "reshaped Modernist abstraction."

The Post-Black Artist

Rashid Johnson (SAIC 2003–04) draws upon materials and visual sources to explore how cultural experiences shape African Americans.

A Family Affair

An influential social reformer starts an SAIC family legacy that spans more than a century.

Artistic Advice

SAIC alum Joe Zucker (DIP 1964, MFA 1966, HON 2013) offers advice to young artists, emphasizing the importance of an arts education that spans varying fields and genres.

SAIC at the 2014 Whitney Biennial

A record number of SAIC alumni and faculty members took part in the 2014 Whitney Biennial.

Nothing New?

Over the past three decades, SAIC professor and alum Eduardo Kac (MFA 1990) has redefined the avant-garde.

Air on the Edges

The alumni duo, Coppice, creates sound sculpture that excites the senses and haunts the imagination.

The Community Artist and Educator

Margaret Taylor Burroughs (BA 1942, MA 1948, HON 1987) was an artist, activist, educator, poet, and much more.

“I went to SAIC thinking one way about fashion and then learned a more expansive, creative way to think about everything.”

—Cynthia Rowley (BFA 1981)

Fashion Icon

Anthropological Art Historian

Whitney Halstead (BFA 1949, MFA 1954) was an art historian, educator, critic, author, artist, alum, and beloved instructor at SAIC.

50 Years Later

Members of SAIC’s Half Century Club—alumni who graduated 50 or more years ago—reflect on their past experiences at the school and offer some advice to current SAIC students.

Partner in Art

Margaret Koreman (BFA 1988, MA 2002) is helping to develop new programs to support Chicago Public Schools students, teachers, and families.

Lights. Camera. Interaction.

The alumni duo, Luftwerk, is known for their dazzling installation of light and sound.

Influencer of Imagists

Ray Yoshida (BFA 1953) was an alum, educator, and key influence on the Chicago Imagists.

He Talked Pretty One Day

America's foremost humor writer, David Sedaris (BFA 1987) has sold more than 10 million books.

Open Data, Open City

SAIC artists and designers are forging community technology with the Array of Things project.

Artist-Run Alternative

Deeply connected to SAIC, the Randolph Street Gallery supported the noncommercial and championed the experimental.

The Master of Macabre

Edward Gorey was one of the most remarkable illustrators of the 20th century.

America’s First Fashion Star

Halston (SAIC 1952) brought global attention to American fashion in the 1970s

Picture of Ivan Albright

Ivan Albright (SAIC 1919–23, HON 1977) combined extreme detail and garish color contrasts to develop a magic realism.

The Regionalist

In the early 20th century, Grant Wood (SAIC 1913–16) was the visual spokesman for rural America.

The Mother of American Modernism

Georgia O'Keeffe (SAIC 1905–06, HON 1967) pioneered modern art with her large-scale paintings of natural forms and flowers.

Ambassador of Awkward

SAIC alum and faculty member Jeffrey Brown (MFA 2002) draws inspiration from his own life to create comics.

What Is the Proper Way to Display the US Flag?: An Interview with Dread Scott

Dread Scott (BFA 1989) talks about the provocative work that the President of the United States deemed “disgraceful.”

The Man Behind the Monopoly Man

SAIC alum “F.O.” Alexander illustrated the board game and its well-known characters.

Snap! Crackle! and Pop!

SAIC alum Vernon Grant created the iconic characters from Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal.

The Founder of Father’s Day

In 1910 SAIC alum Sonora Smart Dodd proposed a day to celebrate fatherhood and the rest is history.

Healing Through Art

Richard Casper (BFA 2012), Iraq War veteran and alum, introduces fellow veterans to the healing potential of the arts.

A Monumental Sculptor

Lorado Taft (1860–1936) founded SAIC's Sculpture department and gained renown for his monumental and largely allegorical sculptures.

N.A.M.E. Fame

For more than 20 years, N.A.M.E. Gallery showed experimental work and provided a platform for the "genuine oddballs and visionaries" of their generation.

The Artist’s Art Historian

Kathleen Blackshear was an influential artist and teacher who inspired generations of SAIC students.