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From Bold Suffragette to Betty Crocker

An SAIC alum and women’s rights activist created the first face of the iconic fictional homemaker.

Boundary-Pushing Performance Artist

The work of Cuban performance artist Tania Brugera (MFA 2001) is rooted in political struggle.

SAIC’s First African American Student

SAIC alum Charlotte “Lottie” Wilson was the earliest known African American painter to have a work exhibited in the White House’s collection.

Intersecting Identities

Alum’s practice explores her experience as a Cambodian refugee in America and a Muslim woman in her Buddhist homeland.

Looking Behind to Move Forward

SAIC alum and Iraqi refugee Wafaa Bilal (MFA 2003) confronts the conflict back home by eliciting participation and challenging perception.

The Hull House Artist

In 1892 SAIC alum and faculty member Enella Benedict founded the Art School at the Hull House.

A Family Affair

An influential social reformer starts an SAIC family legacy that spans more than a century.

The Charge is Torture

A group of SAIC faculty artists, lawyers, and activists seek to uncover a dark chapter in Chicago and memorialize the victims left behind.