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Cruel Nature

SAIC faculty Jim Trainor often animates the dark side of the animal kingdom.

Shaping Spaces

Orly Genger (Post-Bac 2002) forms public dialogues from sculptural installations.

Data is the Medium

A new art and science course bring together two schools to develop collaborative visualizations of big data.

Ale-ma Mater

The founder of Half Acre Beer Company (and SAIC alum) brewed up a seasonal ale to celebrate SAIC’s 150th Anniversary.

Fashion Meets Philanthropy

Eva Danielle Wittels (BFA 2004) runs a successful fashion line and advocates for rescue animals through her campaign, Fashion Tails.

Body Talk

An SAIC alum tells the story of disability through wearable art.

Future Worlds

Equal parts art and anthropology, an SAIC alum’s mixed media installations investigate contemporary culture through future utopias

Looking Behind to Move Forward

SAIC alum and Iraqi refugee Wafaa Bilal (MFA 2003) confronts the conflict back home by eliciting participation and challenging perception.

Romantic Rebellions

SAIC Professor Claudia Hart wages war on the separation between technology and femininity.

The Post-Black Artist

Rashid Johnson (SAIC 2003–04) draws upon materials and visual sources to explore how cultural experiences shape African Americans.

Air on the Edges

The alumni duo, Coppice, creates sound sculpture that excites the senses and haunts the imagination.

Partner in Art

Margaret Koreman (BFA 1988, MA 2002) is helping to develop new programs to support Chicago Public Schools students, teachers, and families.

Ambassador of Awkward

SAIC alum and faculty member Jeffrey Brown (MFA 2002) draws inspiration from his own life to create comics.

Healing Through Art

Richard Casper (BFA 2012), Iraq War veteran and alum, introduces fellow veterans to the healing potential of the arts.