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An SAIC alum followed her fashion dreams and now designs clothes for Hollywood.

Dark Rooms and Pool Halls

An SAIC alum's photographic series resurfaces after more than four decades.

Jeff Koons Returns to SAIC

The 150th Anniversary Distinguished Alumni Lecturer talks about his career, exalts the Chicago Imagists, and sings some Led Zeppelin.

SAIC’s Columbus Drive Building

Completed in 1976, the Columbus Drive Building was SAIC’s first building independent of the museum.

Appetite for Disruption

A history of the Art and Technology Studies department told by some of the people who were there

Imagist Painter, Intuitive Collector

An acclaimed Chicago Imagist, Roger Brown (BFA 1968, MFA 1970) collected flea market objects and created paintings that served as social and cultural commentaries of the day.

Art, Meat, Science

With a successful food website, an SAIC alum teaches the art of great grilling.

N.A.M.E. Fame

For more than 20 years, N.A.M.E. Gallery showed experimental work and provided a platform for the "genuine oddballs and visionaries" of their generation.

Have Passion. Will Travel.

SAIC Professor John W. Kurtich always stressed the value of seeing the world—now his legacy and love of travel endures through his scholars