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Mr. Chicago

One of the Chicago Imagists, Ed Paschke (BFA 1961, MFA 1970, HON 1990) was once described as "a formalist in wolf's clothing."

The New Wild One

Elizabeth Murray (BFA 1962, HON 1992) "reshaped Modernist abstraction."

SAIC Underground

Back in the days when all SAIC classrooms were underground in the basement of the Art Institute of Chicago museum, there was one single gathering space for SAIC students, faculty, and visitors: the subterranean cafeteria.

Artistic Advice

SAIC alum Joe Zucker (DIP 1964, MFA 1966, HON 2013) offers advice to young artists, emphasizing the importance of an arts education that spans varying fields and genres.

Anthropological Art Historian

Whitney Halstead (BFA 1949, MFA 1954) was an art historian, educator, critic, author, artist, alum, and beloved instructor at SAIC.

50 Years Later

Members of SAIC’s Half Century Club—alumni who graduated 50 or more years ago—reflect on their past experiences at the school and offer some advice to current SAIC students.

Interdisciplinarity at SAIC

SAIC’s innovative interdisciplinary curriculum is integral to the school’s mission and philosophy.

Influencer of Imagists

Ray Yoshida (BFA 1953) was an alum, educator, and key influence on the Chicago Imagists.