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Artist Statement


Approaching graduation and after spending a semester at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany, my style has continued to change. All of my recent works are on paper. My work is my way of expressing my feelings that come from living with fibromyalgia and my artistic interests. The wolves are a reminder to be to be strong and endure like a wolf. I am always challenging myself to dig deeper into my feelings, abstract my figures in new ways, and to make images that are meaningful both to me and that others can find their own meaning in.


I would like to update not erase my other statement. Though most of it rings true. The new series of wolf drawings
are more about abstraction and a play between abstraction and representation. Spatial concerns have taken the place
of the color concerns of my previous work. I have chosen to work with a limited color palette. My anatomical
drawings are generally black and white. They explore form and line like my previous work. I also create
works that merge the two styles as well. I am still interested in having multipe audiences and mutiple interpretations for my artworks. I see the wolves both aesthetically and/or conceptually at different times.

Winter 2009-

The work that I am currently creating has most to do with form and line. My source material is made up of symbols and alphabets from magical and ancient civilizations and traditions. Once lifted from source material, they undergo a number of distortions to form interesting compositions. I use symbols that have interesting forms and that have a meaning that I am interested in working with. Almost every aspect is thought out. Numerology and color meanings are used. For these, I mostly use the Wiccan tradition. As my artwork grows, I have a great interest in continuing to use Pagan symbols and themes. Through my work, I would like to educate people about the symbols I use and their meanings. For instance, the pentacle has nothing to do with evil. It is a symbol of the elements and of the universe. For the more obscure symbols, I want the disconnet between the fact that I know what the symbol means and the viewer may or may not. The idea of different audiences for the same piece is something that I want.

A Little History

Since I was a little girl, I have done some form of art. When I was bored, my mother would either give me a book or pencil and paper. Paint was always great fun as well. When I was about 7 years old, I entered a painting in a school art competition. It didn't place, but that didn't matter to me. One time on a visit to the art museum on the University of Missouri campus, a security guard asked me about my favorite work among other questions. I confidently told him, "Some day my work will be in this museum." I now have high hopes for which museums my work will be in, but by attending SAIC I feel I'm well on my way. The preschool I went to was art based, and I attend art camps during elementary school. In middle school, I started private drawing lessons with Pat Evans, and then switching to oil paints when I was 14. In high school, I took 2 years of art including AP. I scored a 5 on my AP portfolio. Senior year of high school, I took two art classes at Oklahoma State University. Thoughout school, I worked with my mentor Beverly Hanes, a National Watercolorist, in her framing shop, The Art Bin/Frameworks, and with watercolor and acrylic. In high school, I was very active in Art Club. We created decorations and murals for the school as well as raised money for scholarships for artists from our school. Jill Webber, our art teacher and sponser, does a great job to help student and promote the arts.