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At this moment in the history of the United States, there is only one thing that is relevant to know about who I am and what I am doing, professionally. And that is that I am committed to resisting racism, sexism, xenophobia, science denial, and anti-intellectualism in the U. S. government and public discourse.

Liberal education remains central to the pursuit of a free, just, and sustainable society. I affirm the power of knowledge, research, academic debate, and education to drive innovation and support social, economic, and environmental justice.

Democracy is worthy of the deepest respect. New policies are worthy of fair consideration. Differences of opinion among people with a shared respect for humanity are worthy of deep discussion and exploration. This is not what we appear to be facing. These are not the things that I resist.

Racism, hate speech, and climate change denial threaten our society . These things have no place in a country that promises freedom, opportunity, equality, and progress towards a better future.

In the months and years to come, I pledge to seek opportunities for meaningful resistance in every aspect of my professional work and teaching as well as my personal life.