The Office of Academic Advising offers you guides on identifying and avoiding plagiarism and registering for classes as well as a grade appeal form for students who feel they have incorrectly received a grade of no credit for a course.


The Faculty Senate Student Life Subcommittee produced a handbook, Plagiarism: How to Recognize and Avoid It [PDF]. It includes a one-page handout for students, When to Give Credit [PDF].

The Flaxman Library staff have also prepared a quick guide for students [PDF] on avoiding plagiarism and citing sources.

How to Register for Classes

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) offers students an easy, convenient way to register for classes through our online Self Service system. Download a guide with step-by-step instructions for logging in and registering for your classes: How to Register for Classes

Grade Appeal Form

If you would like to dispute a final grade in one of your courses, follow the procedures outlined below. Please note that your appeal must be submitted before the end of the add/drop period of the following semester (e.g., if a final grade was received in the fall semester, the student has until the end of the add/drop period of the spring semester to file an appeal; for spring and summer semesters the appeal must be received by the end of add/drop in fall.)

Step 1: Attempt to resolve the issue with the individual faculty member.

Step 2: If you are unable to resolve the issue with the faculty member, complete a Grade Appeal Form, submit it to the applicable Department Chair, and meet with that applicable Department Chair.

Step 3: If you are unable to resolve the issue after meeting with the Department Chair, submit the Grade Appeal Form to the appropriate academic dean (or designee). The academic dean (or designee) will not review the appeal if the student has not first attempted to resolve the issue with the academic department chair. The academic dean will notify the student and the faculty member of his/her decision in writing. This response will state the final determination of the appeal.

In rare and extraordinary circumstances the academic dean (or designee), at his/her discretion, may permit the consideration of an appeal after the deadline indicated above. In addition to the Grade Appeal Form, the student should include a separate statement indicating:

The appropriate academic dean has sole discretion to determine if an appeal will be heard after the deadline. If so, the appropriate academic dean will follow the procedures indicated above.

NOTE: Academic Advisors CANNOT change grades or determine whether a grade is eligible to be changed. Advisors CAN discuss the relevant policies and procedures with you and help you prepare an appeal. If you would like to discuss your appeal or the associated procedures with an academic advisor, contact Academic Advising at 312.629.6800 or