Support services offered if a student is having academic difficulties

If you are having difficulties in school due to course concerns, academic standing, uncertainty about life goals or extenuating circumstances in your personal life, you are welcome to seek the support of an academic advisor. In a meeting with an academic advisor, you can explore your options and gather information, which will assist you in deciding your best course of action (e.g., continuing in courses, withdrawing from some or all courses, appealing grades or tuition, or taking a leave of absence).

Learning about Being a Student

Being a college student in an art school requires developing new and different abilities—time management skills and social, planning, and problem-solving techniques. An academic advisor can assist you in developing strategies for navigating SAIC and life as an artist and student.

Learning about the School

Academic advisors are excellent resources for referrals to other services, department heads, faculty members, or staff. Advisors can explain policies and procedures to help you make the most of your SAIC experience.

Educational Planning

The degree audit process (a.k.a. credit check) is often used as a starting point in the discussion of your immediate and future goals. An academic advisor serves as a sounding board for you to talk about ideas and options, while also providing you with additional information and suggestions (e.g., Cooperative Education, related coursework, faculty specialties and exhibition opportunities).

Defining and Achieving Student Success

Each individual student will define success differently depending on his or her goals. Academic Advising and Student Success provides all students the opportunity for one-on-one interaction with a faculty member who can support them in their pursuit of success.

Are you Currently on Leave of Absence?

If you are currently on leave of absence, we hope that your plans include returning to SAIC to complete your degree. As you probably know, SAIC is a dynamic place where a lot can change in a short time.

Visit the policies and procedures Leave of Absence section to learn more about reinstatement and the statute of limitations.

Other Services Offered