Instructional Fabrication facilities support SAIC’s interdisciplinary curriculum and adapt, respond, and grow with the changing needs of a contemporary art and design practice. Our facilities are staffed with knowledgeable professionals who deliver high-level technical instruction and provide students with ongoing project support. Instructional Fabrication collaborates closely with departments and faculty to support evolving curricula through updated training objectives and the adoption of new equipment.

Instructional Fabrication also creates numerous professional opportunities for students through Work-Study employment, providing an opportunity to learn while contributing to SAIC’s making community.

Access to Facilities

All current students faculty and staff, irrespective of departmental affiliation, have access to these general facilities:

Departmental fabrication facilities are “designated access,” meaning access is limited to those students currently enrolled in classes within those departments. These facilities include:

Access hours vary by facility and time of year.

Workshops and Authorizations

New users must complete a training session prior to working in the various facility areas, commonly referred to as Shop Authorization. These training sessions teach best practices on a range of stationary equipment and standard safety protocols. Woodshop Authorizations are transferable to any SAIC woodshop facility accessible to you and remain valid for two years. Other localized Authorizations may vary in policy. Please see a Facility Manager for more details.  

We also offer workshops and specialized equipment authorizations throughout the semester for specific machines, materials, and processes. Workshops are tailored to fit curricular demands as well as individual interests. They encompass process and material investigations with emphasis on step-by-step demonstrations.

Past workshops have included bent-ply laminations, pattern making, inflatables, LED wiring, thermoforming plastic, lathe, stretcher/panel, and more. We welcome your suggestions and requests for future workshops.

Tool Checkout

Our fabrication facilities offer access to a range of tools including: state-of-the-art digital technologies, industrial stationary equipment and processes, desktop manufacturing, and traditional hand tools.

Hand tools are available for daytime and overnight checkout. Please support your community of makers and return tools on time—fines accrue if tools are returned late to incentivize good shop citizenship. 

Alumni Acccess to Facilities

Students who have not yet completed their degree requirements, and students who have completed their degree requirements in Fall semester, but are participating in Spring Undergraduate and Graduate exhibitions in the SAIC galleries may be granted access with a Facilities Access Form. The Facilities Access Form is available from the Registrar’s office, and must be signed by the student’s department Chair, the Registrar, Student Accounts and Campus Security. The form is valid for a specified time period and must be presented upon request along with the student’s ARTICard to obtain access to SAIC properties and facilities.

Alumni who have just completed their degree requirements in the Spring semester of the academic year may continue to use general access Media Center, Wood & Metal Shop equipment and tools, for which they have already been authorized, until the end of the Summer term immediately following. Alumni graduating in the Fall semester of the academic year may continue to use these resources until the end of the Winter Interim immediately following. Alumni using these facilities and resources may be asked to make way for active curricular use. Extended access ends when the facilities close at the end of the Summer or Winter term, and all access will be denied beginning with the following Fall or Spring semester.