Moving Outside the Classroom to Prepare for the Future

As part of our world-class education, you will be required to enroll in six credits of off-campus study in order to ensure that you connect to the world outside the classroom. 

You may choose to participate in our award-winning internship program, take a study trip, or spend a semester abroad. These experiences will help you immerse yourself in other cultures, refine your career objectives, and establish strong professional connections. 

Winter and Summer Study Trips

Our two- to three-week faculty-led summer and winter study trips are incredible windows into creative production across the country and around the globe. 

Upcoming trips include: 

Semester Away

Participating in a semester or yearlong study program can be a wonderful experience that may include international exchanges, semesters at other Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD) schools, or the New York Studio Residency Program. 


Our Ox-Bow campus, located in idyllic Saugatuk, Michigan, welcomes artists each summer and winter to engage in one- and two-week intensives in: 

In this serene setting, you can paint with the breeze on your face, understand the hands-on joy of low-tech tools, or experience the red-hot physicality of the foundry.

SAIC Internships

SAIC is home to the most successful arts-related internship program in the nation. Every semester, students may choose to work with one of more than 2,000 active employers, ranging from individual artists and designers to museums, galleries, and film and video production companies. Additionally, we partner with community service organizations to offer internships in Chicago and across the country. Some of the amazing organizations that support our students include: