Services for Students with Disabilities

Specialists at the Disability and Learning Resource Center (DLRC) are available to assist students with disabilities. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, DLRC works to provide equal access to all SAIC programs, services, and facilities for students with disabilities. DLRC conducts outreach and programming on practical and artistic disability topics, serves as a resource for faculty and staff, and provides individual accommodations for students. These accommodations may include priority registration, extended time on exams, distraction-free testing area, note-taking assistance, use of a tape recorder, assistive listening devices, furniture modifications, housing modifications, interpreters, reduced course load, preferential seating, and accessible parking.

Unlike in high school, students must take the first step towards receiving accommodations by providing appropriate documentation of a disability to the DLRC. The DLRC staff will then work with the student to determine, implement, and monitor reasonable accommodations.

Visit the Disability and Learning Resource Center website for detailed information about documentation requirements, learning resources, and forms.