2017 Winners

Sky Cubabub, Radical Visibility Magazine

Sky Cubacub (BFA 2015) is the creator of Rebirth, a lifestyle company that started with Rebirth Garments, a fashion line for the full spectrum of size, gender, and ability. Through their work with the queercrip community and building upon the brand, Cubacub is starting Radical Visability Magazine, a zine geared towards empowering queercrip teens. The zine will contain stories from people Cubacub works with, self-care tips, and DIY clothing hacks.

Nick Mahshie, Tranqui Print Studio

Nick Mahshie (MDes 2017) is an artist and designer from Miami, Florida. Inspired by the vibrancy of his hometown, his aesthetic is exuberant, celebratory, and full of color. He fell in love with printmaking while living in Argentina under his alter ego, Tranqui Yanqui. There, people responded so well to bringing printed artwork onto the body that he was encouraged to launch a shared printmaking studio—Tranqui Print Studio—in Miami focused on screen-printed textiles. The studio will offer memberships, hold classes, and sell Mahshie’s own line of printed apparel.

Maryiah Winding, No Ghost Record Label

The 2017 winner of the Tyler Spurgeon Venture Award is Maryiah Winding (BFA 2018), who was born and raised on the the South Side of Chicago. Winding’s practice revolves around music therapy and making music. She developed a rapper persona named Young Kasada. Winding sees rap as an accessible form of counseling for youths who that identify with hip-hop culture and is seeking to create a more formal place for rap within the world of fine art by breaking down the invisible wall between rap as a commodity and rap as art. Winding’s goal to create No Ghost Record Label will allow her to build her brand as an independent artist and disrupt the existing ecosystem as a queer, African American woman.

Justus Harris, MedSculp

Justus Harris (BA 2013) of MedSculp is an artist and expert patient living with Type 1 Diabetes. He created MedSculp to translate the overwhelming amount of diabetes data for patients showing daily, weekly, and monthly trends with a data visualization engine. In order to provide a tactile and visual way to understand the data, Harris creates 3D objects based on the trends. His ultimate goal is to license MedSculp on multiple health platforms to promote better health literacy among diabetes patients and patients with other conditions.

2016 Winners

On April 8, SAIC students from the School's Venture Studio class presented a range of art and design enterprises in the hopes of receiving funding from the MakeWork Council. After a long deliberation three budding entrepreneurs received top funding awards and two were named runner ups. It is the hope of the council that these awards will propel these artists to the next level of developing their enterprises:

Violet Forest Cybertwee
Cybertwee HQ: A virtual reality space for femme in tech
What if virtual reality spaces were made with femme in mind?
The funding Violet received will fast-track the development of a Cybertwee app, allowing her virtual gallery to extend its reach and increase its accessibility.


Norman TeaguePlank 
Complete your attire with the one bow tie that sets the standard.
The funding Norman received will provide him with equipment to improve the quality and output for his Plank ties as well as provide training for his apprentices.


Gabriella Michelle SmithCAMBER 
Inspired by Industrial Age steel bridges, the intricate lattice rings encapsulate structural strength through design. The funding provided to Gabriella will allow her to further refine the manufacturing process for her bridge rings.

The council is also happy to offer smaller awards to:

Kimberley Clark, Hidden Creatures Book One: Boogiebobers
The first book in the Hidden Creatures series following the story of the Boogiebobers. The funding Kimberley received will send her to C2E2 and help produce the first run of her illustrated books.

Helen Lee, Choco-Care Chocolate Molds, Emotional Roller Coasters, Connect The Dot Greeting Cards
Make chocolate, make things better, and patch things up with these DIY chocolate molds. The funding Helen received will allow her to take her line of designed object to Renegade Craft Fair in order to expand her customer base and make important connections to potential business partners.