Meet Our Telefund Students

A Telefund phone call from one of our student callers is an excellent chance for you to learn what’s new at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and to speak with some of our most dedicated students. You may receive a phone call from the following students:

Student telefund staffer.
Melissa Callender

My name is Melissa Callender, and I am currently a junior at SAIC studying Designed Objects. I am originally from New York where I live with my mom and younger brother and sister. So far I am really loving my experience at SAIC; it is giving me the chance to interact with many students and teachers that think differently within the arts. I love being on the Telefund because it has given me the chance to really support SAIC, while learning a lot about it at the same time.




Student telefund staffer.
Travis Fish

Travis Fish. I am a fourth-year transfer student from Wisconsin. I am studying Painting and Drawing. AND I LOVE THE TELEFUND.






Student telefund staffer.
Zach Hutchinson

My name is Zachary Hutchinson. I'm a freshman at SAIC and plan on focusing on Art Education and Performance. I choose to be a part of Telefund to get a better understanding of the SAIC community and to find out how SAIC works on its inside, per se.





Student telefund staffer.
Stephanie Pierson

Hello! My name is Stephanie Pierson. I was born and raised in a small town, Greenville, Ohio. I attended Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio, for two years, then transferred to SAIC. I'm going for my BFA with emphasis in Art History, Theory, and Criticism, and I'm focusing on Ceramics and Printmaking. My experience at SAIC, in the short time that I've been here, has exceeded all expectations. I love it! I'm really excited to work for the Telefund and meet many new people over the phone, and make new friends through my coworkers. I know what it's like to be scholarship dependent, and I hope that through my work at the Telefund I can raise enough money to make future students' dreams come true at SAIC.



Why We Call

Our student callers call you to thank you—the alumni, parents, and friends of SAIC—for the extraordinary experiences and opportunities they are receiving at SAIC with your help. These student ambassadors are happy to answer your questions about SAIC, update your biographical information, and accept gifts to our Annual Fund.

Our student callers are committed to helping maintain and improve the SAIC experience for the students of today and tomorrow. They value the high quality of education they receive, and they realize the lifelong advantages that it provides. Every gift to SAIC is greatly appreciated.