Master of Fine Arts


Master of Fine Arts, Visual Communication Design, SAIC, 2012
Bachelor of Arts, Premedicine and Graphic Design, University of Notre Dame, 2008

Graduate Exhibition, SAIC, 2012
Korean American Day Art Exhibition, Richard J. Daley Civic Center, Chicago, 2012
North Park Art Walk, Chicago, 2011
ArtFutura: Life, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, 2012
Embracing, Chicago Korean-American Art Association, Wheeling, IL, 2011
Start Sharp, SAIC American Institute of Graphic Artists, Chicago, 2011
The Design Show, Chicago, 2010

Fred A. Hillbruner Artists Book Fellowship Recipient and Honorable Mention, Chicago, 2012
SAIC Leadership Award, Chicago, 2012
Adobe Design Achievement Awards Semifinalist, 2011
Selected in Output Award, Germany, 2011
Finalist and Honorable Mention in ArtFutura, Chicago, 2011

MASTERING TYPE: The Essential Guide to Typography for Print and Web Design, United States, 2012
Output 14, Germany, 2011
YoYo Magazine, Issue 2: At Zero, United States, 2011

Experience at SAIC

SAIC puts more emphasis on the process rather than the pragmatic outcomes. SAIC faculty guided me to focus more on the concepts and ideas, which allowed me to penetrate my area of interest in depth and develop various configurations within it.

Personal Statement

9 Ways to Cross a Railway is a guidebook for elephants. It responds to a Times of India article describing an accident in India in which a speeding goods train mowed down seven elephants at a go-slow zone on September 24, 2010. The instructions are constructed from a careful rearrangement of the words from the article to alter the meaning and perspective and are intended as advice for elephants who need to cross a train track. Since elephants can’t turn pages, it was designed in such a way that they can walk on it starting from the bottom, and few spots on the margin were emptied for them to step on the spots. Threading the cross narratives between the event and the instructions, a plea for wildlife conservation is made.

Current Interests

I have developed my interest in altering the meaning or perspective of original source materials especially from media through modifying them in interesting ways. My thesis project is a continuation of this guidebook, and it is about translating adult-related issues into the language of children. In order to achieve the goal, I created paper patterns from media images which contain various adult-like subject matters such as politics, business, technology, science, etc. I am interested in the transformation of concrete materials such as newspaper articles to abstract forms.

I studied science in college. I took science classes, did research at a biochemistry lab, and worked at dentist' offices. Although I changed my major to visual communication design after graduation and do completely different things now, I gained research skills and analytic thinking through my experiences in college. I think that my science background allows me to think differently and approach design from a different angle.


Disclaimer: All work represents the views of the INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS & AUTHORS who created them, and are not those of the school or museum of the Art Institute.