MFA in Art and Technology Studies, SAIC, 2011
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media Art, University of Florida, 2009
University of Florida Honors College, two-year program, 2009

Saint Augustine Amphitheater Outdoor Monumental Sculpture Prize, 2009
Summa Cum Laude from the University of Florida, 2009
University of Florida Dean’s List, 2005–09
National Society of Collegiate Scholars, 2007–08
Professional Golfers’ Association Scholarship Award, fall 2008–spring 2009
Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholars Award, fall 2005–spring 2009
National Honor Society, 2005–06

Selected Exhibitions:
Hypercapitalism: East Meets West, Big Screen Project, New York, NY, 2011
MFA Show 2011: Gestural Economies, Sullivan Galleries, SAIC, 2011
MFA Show 2011: Both/And, Sullivan Galleries, SAIC, 2011
Between Us, Gallery X, SAIC, 2011
The Simulationists, Betty Rymer Gallery, SAIC, 2011
I.3 Current Trajectories in New Media Art Part 1, R&D Gallery, Chicago, IL, 2011
I.3 Current Trajectories in New Media Art Part 2, Jennifer Norback Fine Art, Inc., Chicago, IL, 2011
Eating Contest, My House, Chicago, IL, 2010
The Distance, Live Public Performance, Chicago, IL, 2010
Eating Contest: Graduate Open Studios, SAIC, 2010
Wholesome Trickery, The 100 Gallery, Gainesville, FL, 2009
A House where We Can Both Live, Duplex Gallery, Gainesville, FL, 2009
Equipment List, WARPHaus, Gainesville, FL, 2009
The Last Bear in Ireland—Burren College, Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare, Ireland, 2008
Confetti Tries to Say Something—WARPHaus, Gainesville, FL, 2008

Experience at SAIC

My Master of Fine Arts (MFA) experience at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) enabled me to develop the skills, resources, and technological confidence to create art games. I could not have done this without help from faculty and my peers.

Personal Statement

I will further pursue making art games that capture a specific type of very exciting mundanity that is ever present. My art games are live-rendered, interactive experiences created using video game technologies, usually in 3D. By painstakingly recreating certain, ordinary acts of labor in elaborate 3D environments, I have complete control over every aspect of the world represented and what happens to, say, the character in my window cleaning game as the player cleans each row of dirty windows and levels up. By making these works as games rather than fixed time-based media, I hope to engage the viewer in thoughtfully laborious play.

Current Interests

I am interested in labor, certain types of repeated gestures, mundanity, and privilege. I also find invaluable resources in writings on the varied subjects of race, culture, postcolonial theory, philosophy, media theory, technology, and video games.


Disclaimer: All work represents the views of the INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS & AUTHORS who created them, and are not those of the school or museum of the Art Institute.