Bachelor of Fine Arts


2012 – The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Bachelor of Fine Arts Program
Concentration in Film/Video, Animation, Fiber and Material Studies

James Nelson Raymond Fellowship Award Recipient
Merit Scholarship Recipient
Solo Exhibitions
2013 – Life Can be Sweet and Amazing (But It Never Is), Preteen Gallery – Mexico City, Mexico

Group Exhibitions
2012 – DERRIDA.PDF, Hinter Haus des Meeres – Vienna, Austria
2012 – I'm Too High to Deal With This Shit Right Now, 72 Truck – Madrid, Spain
2012 – London's Calling and They're Calling You Gay, Preteen Gallery – Mexico City, Mexico
2012 – SER, Contemporary Art Daily Office – Chicago, IL
2012 – ON AGAIN/OFF AGAIN, 1dM – Chicago, IL
2012 – All You Can Eat 420, Tom Robinson Gallery – Chicago, IL
2012 – Tongue, Sullivan Galleries – Chicago, IL
2012 – ExTV on CANTV – Chicago, IL
2011 – Cocktails II, Bodega – Philadelphia, PA
2011 – Young Contemporaries, CourtneyBlades – Chicago, IL
2011 – Undergraduate Film/Video Festival, SAIC – Chicago, IL
2010 – Forever (21), Chicago on Wood – Chicago, IL
2010 – RON ARTIST MVP, Noble and Superior Projects – Chicago, IL
2010 – Saddle Tramps Collection, Heaven Gallery – Chicago, IL
2010 – De Tu Familia, MSA – Chicago, IL

Curatorial Projects
2012 – Queer Thoughts Gallery – Chicago, IL
2012 – SER, Contemporary Art Daily Office – Chicago, IL
2012 – Tongue, Sullivan Galleries – Chicago, IL
2012 – ExTV on Chicago Access Network Television – Chicago, IL
2011 – Tortured Embrace Library, CourtneyBlades – Chicago, IL
2011 – Brilliance, 280 Project Space – Chicago, IL
2011 – Undergraduate Film/Video Festival, SAIC – Chicago, IL

Experience at SAIC

I began my studies at SAIC taking classes in the Film, Video, New Media, and Animation department. During my course of study I wanted to explore other media, so I started taking classes in the Fiber and Material Studies department. This expanded my practice showing me that an idea could span a wide range of media.

Personal Statement

In my work, which is often autobiographical, I seek to articulate with subtle humor and abstraction the themes of isolation and pain in order to focus on their curious and often comic importance in our lives. As a child I was greatly influenced by the works of William Shakespeare and by various Broadway musicals. My work has an underlying sense of the tension between comedy and tragedy and always references the drama of theater.

I create work in a variety of media. Using different materials and processes—including animation, film, video, painting, screen-printing, sculpture, machine knitting, and textile dying—I seek to investigate the human condition and the pensive, contemplative nature of life using imagery that is not always obvious in its concept.

With my fellowship award, I plan to start an apartment gallery where I can continue working with other artists and begin a curatorial practice that will coincide with my own studio practice.

Current Interests

My most recent work is a collection of paintings, some of which abstract certain words and phrases like Miau (meow in Spanish) and Gordjöss (a reinterpretation of the word gorgeous). I like these words because they express the conflict inherent in sensuality and desire, reflecting on the mixed emotions that one often feels when aroused or tantalized.

To make these paintings, I have been working with liquid latex, machine knit layers, dyed fabric and vinyl. I use this combination of materials to evoke the seductive and provocative qualities of flesh.


Disclaimer: All work represents the views of the INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS & AUTHORS who created them, and are not those of the school or museum of the Art Institute.