Master of Arts in Teaching


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, Northern Illinois University, 2005
Master of Arts in Teaching, SAIC, 2012

Master of Arts in Teaching Fellowship Award, 2012
Claire Rosen and Samuel Edes Foundation Prize for Emerging Artists Nominee, 2012

Experience at SAIC

The Master of Arts in Teaching program at SAIC allowed me to grow and develop as an artist and an educator. In addition to learning from a wide range of artists and scholars within the SAIC community, the program offered the opportunity to experience teaching in a variety of educational contexts throughout Chicago. These experiences have given me a strong foundation in both theory and practice that I don't believe I would have found at another school.

Personal Statement

As a both an artist and an educator, my practice over the past several years has included maintaining a personal studio practice while also working with young people across the city of Chicago in a variety of arts educational contexts. I aim to create conditions for students to learn with and through visual art, both historical and contemporary, while leaving space for students to bring their lived experiences into their developing practice as artists and creative thinkers.

Current Interests

My thesis research focused on the ways in which visual arts educators can incorporate contemporary artists and practices into a curriculum that is centered on collaborative, student-driven research into the physical space and meaning of “school.”  Using a situated, site-specific pedagogy, I invited students to consider the ways in which place dictates certain expectations, connections between personal history and space, and the ways they can transform their school through contemporary arts practices such as intervention and performative actions.

I explored with high school students the ways in which contemporary artists research, use, transform, and intervene public and private space. The resulting student work functioned both as a literal transformation of the school space through performative and structural intervention projects, as well as on a conceptual level as a method of critiquing increasingly standardized educational practices. Students used the school as a site of inquiry and as a space to be investigated, questioned, and challenged through artmaking. Through my research, I have developed some preliminary ideas about how site-specific (situated) art methods and student-driven research can become pedagogical tools. I believe that an art curriculum, rooted in contemporary, site-specific practices offers students opportunities to explore art making that extends beyond the classroom, to make connections between their art practice and their daily life through arts-based research, and to build a critical vocabulary of space.


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