Master of Fine Arts in Writing


Master of Arts in Writing, SAIC, 2012
Bachelor of Arts, Georgetown University, 2005

Experience at SAIC

While at SAIC I had the pleasure of learning from a wonderful group of professors and friends. When I came into the school, I wrote solely by sense of feel, without understanding the mechanics of a story. After spending two years at SAIC, I developed some of the analytical skills to understand the craft. Plus, I've realized the work habits that form the framework of my writing practice. Being mindful of process has helped me to write better stories.

Personal Statement

My decision to start writing emerged from a lifelong infatuation with books. After graduating from college, overwhelmed by the delight I found in reading, I started to try to write. Despite being a helpless speller with an aimless sense of narrative, I still found a profound joy in trying to shape a story.

During my time at SAIC, I’ve discovered that I enjoy writing stories that occur in the terrain of the imagination. What gets me excited to write is rendering the images of the world and playing with the language of the story. I’m still in the process of having those elements as well as the other features of narrative coalesce. However, the fellowship will undoubtedly help me continue to develop my writing practice.

Current Interests

I'm currently revising my novella, Brother. Angela Carter, Vladimir Nabokov, W.G Sebald and Clarice Lispector, among others, have served as models for this piece. Also, as a general practice, I shamelessly steal jokes, ideas, and images from friends and family. Brother is no exception. Outside of the literary influences, my personal relationships have helped shape this story.


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