Bachelor of Fine Arts
John Quincy Adams Fellowship Recipient


Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), SAIC

Merit Scholarship Recipient 
Incentive Scholarship Recipient 
SAIC Fellowship Award

Open Studio Project, Chicago, IL 
Sharp Building Displays, Chicago, IL 
Art Walk, Atlanta, GA

Experience at SAIC

The location of SAIC in downtown Chicago made it possible for me to interact with many different types of people and organizations including everything from other colleges and museums to hospitals and shelters. Also, the interdisciplinary curriculum offered me the ability to learn as many different art forms as I pleased. Not being stuck in one department, I experimented with fibers, sculpture, painting, ceramics, bookmaking, film, design, and so much more. This knowledge of materials allows me to design and create works of art for the specific needs of others.

Personal Statement

The day of my high school graduation, I opened up a time capsule I made when I was six years old and found that I had predicted I would be an artist when I grew up. I like to think I have grown up a little since then, and I proved myself right in that I continue to create works of art not only for myself, but for other people as well. My focus as a collaborative artist has been on engaging the community through a range of media that I myself have been exploring. I develop creative strategies for involving people with my own artwork through materials that have potential to be transformative objects both literally through recycling and figuratively through conceptualization.

I am concerned with making my artwork exist for a purpose and engaging others to help foster their creativity. With the Fellowship I received, I hope to travel and continue to engage with organizations such as schools, hospitals, and orphanages here and abroad to further develop collaborative and therapeutic projects, with the long-term goal of receiving a Masters in Art Therapy.

Current Interests

With all of the knowledge I have gained from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), I truly believe my art can serve a purpose in my community. For example, when I visited low-income middle schools, I found their bins of crayons dull and broken. I remolded the wax into Lego blocks so students could become inspired by these new, pristine shapes. In my most recent work, I have been collaborating with disabled adults. I worked with a spina bifida patient struggling to stay off the path to depression. I created an Inspiration Book, which helped motivate her to stay active and creative, doing what she loved, such as meditate, travel, and write poetry. This idea book helps to spark her imagination, spirit, and enthusiasm on a daily basis.


Disclaimer: All work represents the views of the INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS & AUTHORS who created them, and are not those of the school or museum of the Art Institute.