Adela Goldbard is an artist and filmmaker from Mexico City that believes in the political power of art to generate social transformation. Her work investigates possible connections among visual anthropology, collaborative filmmaking and social practice through artisanal construction, re-enactment, allegory and dark humor. She explores metaphoric systems of communication ?such as mass media, tradition, film and literature? within marginalized cultures by collectively building, staging and destroying. Her work includes photography, sculpture, video, text and public actions.

Adela Goldbard is a member of the National System of Artistic Creators of Mexico since 2015. She was awarded the Centanario Prize at Zona MACO 2012 and the Acquisition Prize at the VII Biennial Monterrey FEMSA 2007. She has received the Young Creators Grant (Fonca, Mexico) twice, The Tierney Fellowship in 2008, and the Promotion and Joint Investment Program funding also twice. Her work has been exhibited in Germany, Russia, Holland, Belgium, Philippines, Hungary, Spain, Argentina, Canada, USA, and widely in Mexico. Her recent commissions include the video installation “The Sacrifice” (Monterrey’s Center for the Arts, 2015), “Prototype for an Upcoming Disaster” (Visual Arts Gallery UCSD, 2015) and the public action “Helicopterazo” (Gómez Morín Cultural Center, 2013). She is currently working on a commission for the Pomona College Art Museum in Claremont, California, for the show “Prometheus 1930/2017”. Her recent solo shows include: Casa del Lago (2015), Enrique Guerrero Gallery (2014), Diagrama Gallery (2014), Polyforum Siqueiros (2013), Aguascalientes’ Museum of Contemporary Art (2013), Museum of Querétaro (2012), Arocena Museum (2011) and Museum of Contemporary Art of SLP (2011). From 2008-2014 she was part-time faculty at the National School of Arts in Mexico City. She lives and works in Chicago, San Diego and Mexico City.


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