The Aberrant is an alumni of The School of The Art Institute, (Graduated in 2007) and much like Satan, has gone by many names over the years. The Aberrant is an abomination of a human being, honestly, and one day you will know everything... The Aberrant would very much like to take off this mask and tell the truth, but it works in a medium, most unfair—The occupational hazards of being a social media artist is the ever present possibility of viral character assassination... So for now, The Aberrant must be a mystery. it does work in video, it does print, it does sculpt—both in clay and meme. But The Aberrant has only now just been born... It's impossible and dangerous to tell you what and who It's been—this is less a bio than the birth certificate of a new persona.

Personal Statement

My work represents the tension between the concepts of Archive and Extinction. So long as sentience consciousness to be shit out in it's multitudes, we must preserve and index all known elements of our conscious experience—our addiction to life demands it, and the existence of the unfortunately inevitable next generation requires us to take this responsibility. As an addicted need machine, as a fattened psychology, and as a tiresome ego, I will create, I will express my self hatred in my gleeful way through performance, I will woolly in my love of black and white, my joy in sculpting and my excitement to think. But the cost of life, and by this I don't simply mean my life, but the cost of all life, the very existence of the machine, is suffering—it's perpetuation is paid for in a currency no one can afford. I will create, but not procreate. To put it simply I am pro-extinction. The internet, social media and Youtube in particular gives us the unique opportunity to argue any and all philosophic, artistic and intellectual, positions—to have for the first time in human history, the chance to have the most important conversations, and ask the most important questions in the world, to the world, to all that are willing listen as well as welcome any and all response—it should be a place of accountability, and intellectual freedom... But it's built and run by corporations, and under the deluge of Cat videos and Gangnam styles, the sad fact is that intellectual discourse of any kind, simply doesn't make Google enough money, and so the real good that should and could come from social media has untimely been a failure. I call for a revolution of the internet, I want to at least be a cog in the creation of a noncommercial, library style internet, where our first amendment rights our honored, and where those that abuse the medium can be rightful punished. And though my main argument may be for the graceful end of consciousness, I am dedicated to the idea that the sentience experience should be made better while it lasts—so lets hold on to everything tightly, lets kiss it and tell it we love it, lets create, archive and index... And then lets say goodbye.


Disclaimer: All work represents the views of the INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS & AUTHORS who created them, and are not those of the school or museum of the Art Institute.