Mohadeseh Rahimitabar was born in Tehran Iran. She received her BFA in painting at Sooreh Art University in 2011 and MFA at St. Joost Academy of Fine Arts in 2013. She is currently a second-year graduate student in the Print media department at SAIC.

Personal Statement

I have been always drawn to the complexities of language and the way we as human beings use it to communicate with one another. The essence of language is not always to make things understandable on the contrary it may cause many misunderstanding or delivering a very different meaning of things. My works revolving around the contradictions that language creates. There has been a dialogue between language like proverb and the work I make. I use the complication of delivering a message using a language in favor of making the object. During the process of making, the work may be distanced from the original idea and find it's own dependency. Confronting these objects is comparable to being stuck between the feeling of happiness and sorrow. They deal with duality of things like being in state of stability/instability, functional/nonfunctional, being familiar or completely unusual...


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