BS Physics, 2006, California State University, Sacramento; MS Applied Science Engineering, 2011, University of California, Davis; BFA, 2013, SAIC.

Personal Statement

The act of destabilizing systems opens the possibility to be critical of them—criticality is necessary for transformation. I am interested in questioning the basis for power of cultural icons and symbols by distorting the visual cues inherent to their concreteness. Currently, this is best done through screen printing by constructing an image that evaporates off the paper, asking how far we can go before the iconic influence is gone or the image is unreadable. This evaporation oscillates between an emptiness, and a veil that mutes the image space; in quieting this space, we can often reveal new properties of its character and our relationship to it.

An important change occurs when attempting to achieve this through photography. The lens glass can become the veil, using (or omitting) formal properties of the medium. Existence of this transparent barrier, however, implies a volume in the image space that goes beyond the physical flatness of the paper—a virtual volume exhibiting a dynamic fluid character. The entry point can change or we can be caught in the current, allowing a chaotic dance as discussion through the piece. The oscillation is less predictable, but allows for different questions to be asked and varied modes of answers to be uncovered.


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