Personal Statement

The vastness of human experience and our perception of time is always what interests me. Through the lens of growing, living material, as well as discarded paper products and plastic, I am exploring temporary states of existence. Through literature and conversation with my advisors I have come to understand matter as constantly in flux. In the current reality in which many of us live, objects have a lifespan, a birth and a death. I am arguing that there is another perspective. Maybe there is no such thing as a lifespan. Maybe material is immortal. Through the processing of materials I am creating temporary pockets of energy. They are being stored and displayed until their next form becomes apparent. Whether this form is of direct use to humans or not is mostly not important.

I am also building temporary monuments of time made of grass and dirt. They disintegrate daily and are constantly moving into their next form while I futilely try to preserve their integrity.

I am interested in the ideas of preservation and artifact. I am constantly trying to understand how the past influences the present and how to hold on to presence. Through the repetitive act of squishing cereal box paper pulp I am trying to grasp something that can not be grasped; the present. I am interested in the human impulse to collect and to purge.


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