Bachar Bachara, born in Damascus, Syria, is an artist based in Chicago and focuses his work on bodily dimensions of the human experience. Bachara’s artistic practice is informed by his previous practice in dentistry and oral surgery, after which he moved from Paris to Montreal to receive a BFA degree from Concordia University in 2013. In that same year, Bachara enrolled at SAIC in the MFA program. His current work revolves around sculpture and photography.

Personal Statement

The experience of chronic illness and practice of oral surgery has informed my sensation and perception of the human body. My focus on the body was intensified in the last three years as destruction spread over most of Syria, my home country. In my artistic practice as well as my research, I try to understand bodily aspects of the human experience when we are reduced to a rather basic state, as in the state of illness, trauma, or war. I am attracted to the hopeful, vital force that sometimes becomes exposed in people in such difficult conditions. Philosophy, in particular French post-structural theory, has been central to my thought development around my practice.


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