Lauren Steinberg is an interdisciplinary artist from New York who creates queer uncanny spaces. By using endurance performance, muscle memory, inflation, sound, blowing, pumping and deflating Lauren illustrates what is means to witness “assimilation” from both sides. By bringing up politics of erasure, imitation and admiration Lauren’s work aims to re-train how we see ourselves within society. “Instead of policing the borders with pass/fail politics, I was intent on confronting the perilous intersections of identity, categorization and community in order to challenge the very notion of belonging.” - Nobody Passes

Personal Statement

Perhaps, at first I used him to understand how I wanted to have sex with women or how I wanted to become “sellable” to women. If I was concerned with my own assimilation (marriage, family, love) maybe my goal in imitating/admiring Justin was to transform myself into a “normative package”. If I could “pass” as “masculine” in order to attract someone “feminine” wouldn’t that be the ultimate transition for a queer person? Of course this assumption was not only wrong but harmful. So do I defend myself? Do I feel shame for perpetuating the popularity of someone whose morals and motivations do not cross with my own. How do I come to terms with my own passing as Justin Bieber?


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