Emilio Rojas was born in Mexico City, (ca.1985). He is a multidisciplinary artist, working primarily with the body in performance, using film, video, photography, installation,  public interventions and sculpture  Rojas utilizes his body as a political and critical instrument to unearth removed traumas, embodied forms of decolonization, migration and poetics of space. He has attended numerous residencies including the Banff Centre, Elsewhere Museum, the Surrey Art Gallery, the Botin Foundation, Hammock Residency, and Pirate Camp: Stateless Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale. His works have been exhibited in the US, Mexico, Canada, Austria, England, Greece, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia.

Besides his artistic practice, Emilio is also a yoga teacher, translator, community activist and anti-oppression facilitator with Migrant and Queer Youth. His work is represented by José de la Fuente in Santander, Spain, currently exhibiting his first solo show in the gallery entitled Poetics of Embodied Landscapes: Moving through Borders (September 18–November 9). He recently relocated  to Chicago, to pursue an MFA in the performance department at the School of the Art Institute.  


Disclaimer: All work represents the views of the INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS & AUTHORS who created them, and are not those of the school or museum of the Art Institute.