Personal Statement

mixed reality

My work is focused on creating interactive environments between myself, as the performer, and the viewer. I build these playful and inviting environments using simple, everyday games and communication practices. I use the medium of games to explore, challenge, and ultimately blur the boundaries between artist/performer and the viewer. This structure of interactivity insists that the viewer and performer exchange roles. 

This question of blurring boundaries also expands to the physical space of the environments I create. Where can these games be played? What occurs when the home environment of a game is displaced? Further, my placing these playful activities in public spaces and offering them up to adults asks the questions of when, where, and for whom are these games deemed appropriate? Who is allowed to enjoy these games? 

On my journey of creating these environments I found that, at its core, my work consisted of me teaching ideas or others teaching me. For example, as part of a performance art seminar, I was responsible for hosting a workshop. In this workshop, I asked everyone to teach a skill. We learned how to whistle, sing in harmony, and braid hair. In this case, I was not the statutory teacher and the students were not statutory students, but everyone became a teacher and a student at one point throughout the workshop.

Now, my goal is to deepen the focus of pedagogy through games. I would like to delve into the concept of systems that dictate the rules people need to follow and how to execute these rules. I would like to draw parallels between the relationship between performer and the viewer, and to the relationship between teacher and student. Similar to the current blurring of roles, in my newer work, the student and teacher roles fluctuate throughout a performance. 


Disclaimer: All work represents the views of the INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS & AUTHORS who created them, and are not those of the school or museum of the Art Institute.