Kate E. Schaffer (BS 2006, MLC; MFA 2016, SAIC) is a painter and writer exploring the fixity and possibility of time and space. Drawing on painting’s history as well as the contextual manifestation of identity, Schaffer uses expressions from within marginalization to consider what semiotic dissonances and visual cacophony can do to the grid. Creating nowheres, she shifts the viewer’s sense of positionality, generating at once a sense of place and a feeling of displacement. 

LRMFA Summer Residency Experience

The LRMFA program provided access to people and ideas that I would not have encountered otherwise. Whether learning from professors, visiting artists, or my cohort, each day of the residencies was packed with possibility, growth, and change. Living within the LRMFA constellation of ideas, feelings, people, and artwork provided a fertile climate for my own art-making.

LRMFA Online Experience

The fall and spring semesters allowed some breathing room from the intensity of the summer residency. This time leant itself to processing, thinking, and making. The courses presented worthy material that took up where the summer courses left off and created space for my own explorations into some recurring themes. The mentorship allowed me to work one on one with an artist who had gone through similar struggles who could advise me in everything from technical issues to philosophical debates. I owe much to my mentor for helping me push through dry spells and self-doubt.

Post-Graduation Updates

I have two solo exhibitions this fall: "Nowheres" at Ripon College Project Space in Ripon, WI, and "Somewheres" at Dr. Scholl Gallery, Marmion Academy, Aurora, IL. I am the Artist in Residence at Cedarburg Cultural Center (Cedarburg, WI) in November.


Disclaimer: All work represents the views of the INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS & AUTHORS who created them, and are not those of the school or museum of the Art Institute.