Associate Professor, Director, Undergraduate Architecture and Interior Architecture, AIADO (2006). BA, 1989, BArch, 1992, National University of Singapore; MArch, with Distinction, 1998, Cranbrook Academy of Art, MI. Concurrent Positions: Principal, Studio Chronotope; Partner, SKA Architects. Completed Works: Ecology of Small Ideas, Japan; Prime Minister's residence, Singapore. Lectures/Conferences: Netherlands Architecture Institute; Berlage Institute; Edinburgh University; Urban Age Conference, Hong Kong; Sofia Architecture Week. Exhibitions: Archifest, Singapore; Urbanscape Gallery, Canada; Architectural Institute of British Columbia's Architecture Center. Publications: Zero, A10 New European Architecture; Crisis, Dialogue and Imagination, Networks of Design. Awards: Toyota Foundation; Motorola Foundation; Jaap Bakema Felllow. Membership: Associate Member, AIA


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