Experience at SAIC

Alumni MFA 2013, Art and Technology

Personal Statement

The Main concept of my work is based on reinterpreting the ordinary. "Ordinary" is traditionally defined as common and normal. Because of this, anything ordinary is usually estimated as low and less valuable. However, the world is composed of the ordinary. Rather than extraordinary objects, most of the world is comprised of these ordinary objects. According to the notion, ?ordinary? is the most valuable component of the world. Ordinaries that are usual are common to many people. We may not even notice what has been lost. The ordinary is the power of retaining our world. It contains common good which makes our lives be better. However, we tend to excessively pursue objects that are radiant and exciting on a daily basis. Radiant are attractive and unusual, but then drag us to the drastic edge of humanity. Even though this pursuit is leading us to the demolition of our humanity, we don't recognize it because we are accustomed to these extremes. In my work, ordinariness glimmers and gives us back our notion of the common good.

The work, About Looking in the Same Direction glamorizes the process after a breaking. Someone's shame, another's pain but nobody remembers breakups positively, although it helps us be more mature. In Music Imaging, emphasizes the preciousness of our different physical senses. We rarely appreciate the entire function of senses. In fact, a substantial number of people suffer from the disabilities of senses and they can't feel the same feelings as us. At the beginning of this project, it was made for substitution of hearing for the deaf but it is became clearer that each sense of human body can't be substituted by another. The 95 Percent Inefficiency warns against the notion of easily banning some object from the world. Ostensibly, this is about international agreement for the regulation of energy inefficiency that bans all kinds of incandescent bulb from the world by 2014. But this work demonstrates concern that if we can banish some object from the world just because it is more inefficient than another. The value of coexistence is diminished by the efficiency priority.

Current Interests

I hope my art will be a drinking fountain for the marathon that we call "life". It will encourage people to overcome their pain in the race. It reminds them what they forgot in their previous pathway and what they still have. It suggests common good, it evokes reminiscences, it helps to replace our lost continuity with the past, and it restores the vividness of what has faded by glamorizing ordinary.


Disclaimer: All work represents the views of the INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS & AUTHORS who created them, and are not those of the school or museum of the Art Institute.