Instructor, Departments of Art History, Theory and Criticism and Fashion Design (1983); BFA, (1973) History of Architecture and Art, University of Illinois, Chicago; Asst. to Curator of Costumes (1979-1983) Chicago History Museum, Chicago; President (2001-08), Robert Henry Adams Fine Art, Inc.; Teaching certification, Arcturus Rudolf Steiner Education Program, Chicago.  From 30 years of teaching fashion history, lectures include: "Pop Surrealism,"  "Portraits of the Zeitgeist: A History of Fashion Photography," "Leo Lerman and the Male Muse,"  "Fashion at the Mind's Antipodes: Aldous Huxley and the Visionary Fashion of 1966," "From Protest to Prototype: Artists' Dress, Reform Dress & Fashion," "Crosswalk/Catwalk: Self-Presentation on the Street,"  "Caught in the Act: Reflections on Dressing," "Fashioning the Self: Adolescent Dress and Youth Culture," "Beauty Under Cover: Private Accommodations for Function and Feeling."


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