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Personal Statement

As I work with artists building a body of work and gaining experience in a wider range of techniques and approaches, I encourage them to develop insight into their individual learning challenges and the opportunities that present themselves in the creative process. As artists recognize the value of challenging their abilities with materials, scale, color, approach, content, research, and the exploration of conceptual ideas, they gain a deeper understanding of the methods for making artwork and growing as an artist. These "tools" then become available to artists as they work independently and confront challenges in the studio.

As an artist, I understand the process of confronting and liberating oneself from limitation; I am a dedicated and attentive instructor who truly believes in and values every artist I have the honor to work with.

Current Interests

My current work is about exploring the individuality of animals and their impact on people through relationship. I have forged a connection with the animals in the work and they play an important part in my experience of everyday life. I consider the animals as the subject, worthy of being offered up to the viewer for a closer look, aiming to reveal their fragility, endurance, and the remarkable impact they have on our lives, including reminding me of impermanence and focusing my attention in the moment.

Animals, like the rest of nature, provide me with a portal into empathy and compassion, restoring my connection with the oneness of life. Interacting with animals removes my preconceptions of who I think I am, the labels and roles I identify with, and deeply connects me to the power of the natural world.


Disclaimer: All work represents the views of the INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS & AUTHORS who created them, and are not those of the school or museum of the Art Institute.