BA, 1990, University of Chicago; AM, 1994, PhD, 1999, Divinity School of the University of Chicago. Publications/Books: The Sampo (2016/Poetry); Phosphorescence of Thought (2013/Poetry); Luminous Epinoia (2010/Poetry); Depth Theology (2006/Poetry); A Mystical Theology of the Limbic Fissure (2005/Poetry); Gnostic Contagion: Robert Duncan & the Poetry of Illness (2002/Literary Criticism); Watchfulness (2001/Poetry). Editor, Verge Books. Executor for the Literary Estate of Ronald Johnson. Editor of LVNG, 1991-2011. Awards: Finalist, Pegasus Award (Poetry Foundation), Artist Grant, Illinois Arts Council; Fund for Poetry (for LVNG); Contemporary Poetry Series winner, University of Georgia Press.

Personal Statement

My teaching philosophy: to teach excellent students very well. Subjects: Dante, Milton, Blake, Whitman, Christianity, Islam, the study of religion, Science Fiction, Esotericism, mythology, literature, poetry.

Current Interests

Mystagogy, various mythologies, vatic poetry, walking, foraging, ethno-mycological effervescence.


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