BSArch, 1999, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI; MArch, 2005, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. Exhibitions: SAIC AIADO Graduate Faculty Exhibit, CAF-Reconsidering an Icon, SAIC Master of Fine Arts Exhibit, Zolla/Lieberman Gallery, AIADO Graduate Thesis Exhibit, Harvard GSD Graduate Thesis Exhibition. Lectures: Field Notes, AIA Chicago, Universidad Andres Bello, SAIC, Instituto Cervantes. Awards: AIA Chicago Small Project Honor Awards, (2) AIA Chicago Small Project Citattion of Merit Awards Awards, AIAS Excellence in Architectural Education Award. Bibliography: Architectural Record, Chicago Architect Magazine, Modern Luxury Interiors Chicago, AIA Young Architects Forum-Connection, M^2-Interior Design IV, Boundaries MagazineDO.CO.MO.MO, Tatlin News, Urban Habitats; The New Spertus Institute: A Study In Light; StudioWorks 2004.

Experience at SAIC

Since joining the SAIC Faculty in 2008, I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to play an active role in the rapid growth of two new progressive graduate programs in Architecture and Interior Architecture. Like many other faculty members, the evolution of these programs from wide-eyed start-ups to robust, accredited degree programs is a strong source of pride for me. Moreover, these degree programs have evolved into something truly authentic and unique.

Drawing strong bonds and collaborative relationships with many other creative and technical disciplines within the school, Architecture and Interior Architecture students may break out of the vacuum of their own disciplines and create interdisciplinary work that is forward-thinking and genuinely special. In my role as an Educator within this environment, so has been the case for me. Fresh paradigms lead to insightful work so, naturally, my relationship with SAIC has broadened my understanding of the potential for Architecture. My practice benefits greatly from the lessons learned weekly within the school. I've been lucky enough to share in this amazing education with my students as I strive to thoughtfully enrich their academic pursuits with the lessons I've acquired in practice.

Personal Statement

My work and the work of the Ellipsis Architecture, the studio I share with a group of inspiring creative minds, stems from a collective commitment to rigorous curiosity. We find interest in the simplest of things and dig relentlessly to uncover interesting questions that, in turn, fuel our design work. We are driven by the what if's and the why not's amidst everyday life. These become the basis on which rich investigations and thoughtful executions of our work are formed. We wonder like children and design like watchmakers.

These same interests drive the philosophies by which I teach. Nothing should be assumed without first asking "why?" No idea is complete until one shakes it up to see what moves. The thoughtful marriage of focused curiosity and a dedicated working process have been the undertone of every lesson I have tried to pass along during my time at SAIC. These become the catalysts for rich discussions about design, architecture and the opportunities at play in the world around us.

Current Interests

I find value in the power of meaningful design and its ability to improve lives. Architecture can be more than a just a clever means to an end. It can enrich, empower and inspire. It can make us think, make us laugh, surprise us and make us wonder. My work is driven by a love of the unexpected. With an ever-present urge to question the norms of everyday life, I'm eager to uncover new and interesting uses for ordinary things. Flipping things on their head, re-purposing materials in interesting ways and seeking out unorthodox alignments & relationships between the elements that create the spaces in our lives; these are the engines driving my design work.


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