Experience at SAIC

In 2014 he joined the SAIC Continuing Studies faculty as part of the illustration and Graphic Design programs.

Personal Statement

Chicago native for 30+ years, Mark received his undergraduate degree from SAIC in the early 90s with a focus on illustration and 2D design.

Over 20 years Mark has worked as a freelancer combining design & Illustration through a variety local, national, and international projects.

Mark's clients include Wired Magazine, Disney, Vans Warped Tour, Toy State and VH1. In addition to his freelance work, Mark is currently the Creative Director for Wax Trax! Records.

Weened on comic books, NWOBHM and Ralph Bakshi films, Mark incorporates his love for pop sub-culture into both his professional work and the classroom. It has also been a focus to expand on the business of design and Illustration, a point that sometimes is lost when learning conceptual and technical skills in class.


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