Optical Engineering, BS, 1984, Beijing Institute of Technology; Optical Engineering, MS, 1987, Beijing Institute of Technology; Physics, MS, 1989, The University of Illinois at Chicago; Computer Science, MS, 2000, The University of Chicago. Exhibitions: The Great Frame Up, Gallery in the Park, National Arts Program at The University of Chicago Medical Center. Collections: Know How Cultural Communication Co. LTD; Megafield International (Group) LTD. Awards: National Arts Program, The University of Illinois at Chicago, Beijing Institute of Technology.

Experience at SAIC

Set up the formal Chinese courses and teach Chinese I and II since 1/2014.

Personal Statement

With my background as a news broadcaster and a Chinese textbook recorder, I created a unique approach to teach Chinese sound system efficiently by grouping similar phonations together and emphasizing unfamiliar tones whilst comparing samples of American accents to British accents to draw upon familiar intonation differences. I also use music and lyrics as a way to learn the difficult pronunciations easily.

I teach Mandarin in an integrated way by combining both traditional and creative teaching approaches. Students learn spelling, pronunciation, reading, and writing in Chinese through a wealth of interactive exercises from picture associations, story-telling, current event discussions, and repetition exercises.

In addition to the predefined teaching materials, I tailor each of my classes to current events and issues that my students are interested in. These materials range from Chinese history and culture to ancient scholars and their philosophies to modern Chinese moves, music, and news events. Beyond the classroom, I give my classes tours of the Chinese Gallery in the Art Institute. I introduce the collections that show Chinese writing development on different materials from clay to bronze to jade and the poems and paintings from major dynasties, while also highlighting the Chinese history and civilization development.

Technology is utilized in every class and beyond to increase the productivity and ease of learning.

Beyond teaching my students, I am actively involved in finding opportunities to combine their creative and career interests with their Chinese education. I believe in the immense value that comes from studying abroad in a different language and culture.

Teaching benefits teacher and student alike. The interesting teaching opportunities motivate me to think creatively.

Current Interests

Teaching the modern and classical Chinese language, culture, history, calligraphy, arts and crafts.


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