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Experience at SAIC

Running a house museum and special collection for the SAIC community is an honor. Balancing preservation with access is a tightrope that I want to walk with confidence and care, but I don't want to fall off. I want the RBSC to be a leader in the genre of house museums of the 21st century. I want every guest to have a gratifying experience, to feel confident about their relationship with the material world, and open to being informed, on a very deep level, the world of created things and the world of ideas.

Personal Statement

I specialize in the documentation, preservation,and interpretation of artists' environments and collections. At the Roger Brown Study Collection I oversee the preservation of an historic house museum and extensive collections as an educational resource and a laboratory, focusing on the relationship between objects and creative practice. I strive to teach students how to see and read the vernacular and designed built and natural landscapes they move through.

With Don Howlett I operate Preservation Services, Inc., specializing in the preservation of art environments, works that engage sculpture and/or architectural elements, built within a garden or landscape setting, often the creation of self-taught artists.

Current Interests

I'm interested in artist's museums, environments created by artists that are site and life specific.


Disclaimer: All work represents the views of the INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS & AUTHORS who created them, and are not those of the school or museum of the Art Institute.