Professor, Architecture, Interior Architecture and Designed Objects, Sculpture (1992). BFA, 1985, Cleveland Institute of Art; MFA, 1987, Cranbrook Academy of Art. Editorial Advisory Board: ZOONTECHNICA. Projects: Hothouse; Design Action; Leadership and the Future, Queensland College of Art. Publications: Integral Leadership Review; Art Asia Pacific; Design Issues; E+E Design Journal, Hong Kong; Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art; Craft Culture. Public Collections: Xiamen City Public Sculpture Collection; Mint Museum of Craft + Design; Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; Cranbrook Art Museum.

Current Interests

Norton has taught at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago since 1992. She teaches, consults and facilitates integral and whole systems approaches to change by design. Over the years her appreciation for the everyday embodied craft processes led her, via human interaction, from fine art into design. How and why does change happen? Design is an instrument of group and systemic change with human relationships at the core. Understanding patterns of order and disorder, designers can facilitate creation of models, processes, images, and artifacts to inspire alternative futures.

She currently teaches Design Denied: The Withholding of Good Design and Its Ethical Implications, a seminar investigating how our built environments both reflect and reproduce the values and consciousness of society; Design Advocacy, an undergraduate seminar for development of platforms for making design leadership strategies actionable. Global Reset, a Masters of Design in Designed Objects seminar on inter-relationships between technological, economic, social and cultural viability.

Professionally, she teaches, consults and facilitates whole systems design thinking and re-directive design curricula. Her work takes an integral approach, making opportunities legible and actionable to a spectrum of perspectives and world views. Her column, Integral Design Leadership, appears regularly in Integral Leadership Review.

Recent Publications

Integral Design Leadership: An Ecological Gateway to 21st Century Co-Development Integral Leadership Review. September 2013

Integral Design Leadership: Collective Designing in the Anthropocene Integral Leadership Review. June 2013

Integral Design Leadership: STEM to STEAM: Negative Capability in Service to Empowered Creative Participation  Integral Leadership Review. March 2013

Integral Design Leadership: Francesco Morace's Hummingbird Strategy Integral Leadership Review, January 2013.

Integral Design Leadership: Envisioning Pure Land @Taiwan Integral Leadership Review, October 2012.

The Unavoidability of Ethics Design Philosophy Politics, August 2012.

Integral Design Leadership: A Personal IntroductionIntegral Leadership Review, August 2012.

Integral Design Thinking: Guessing the Future Integral Leadership Review, March 2012.

Integral Sustainable Design: a new book challenges us to create a culture of transformation Point of View (POV) Blog, January 2012.

Recent Projects

HOTHOUSE: Design Action, Leadership and the Future [PDF] sponsored by Queensland College of Art in Brisbane. Radical design futures based on the shift to a mobile urbanism of THINGS, POLITICS, PROJECTS and PRACTICES in the 'Urmadic' context of the coming 'Age of Unsettlement'.

Call for participation in the ongoing project oDESsey.


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